This video booth really gets around (pun intended).  This experience records a 360-degree video of your guests having the time of their lives.  Then it slows it down so you can get a super slo-mo look at their outfits, laughs, and happiness.  This video booth is for someone wanting to really bring something different to their event!

  • 360 Degree Video – The guests stand on a platform and the camera, attached to an arm, spins around the guests to capture a 360 video.  When the video is rendered, the custom overlay and slomo effect is applied to make a really cool video for everyone to enjoy.

  • Booth Assistant – The 360 booth assistant is there to make sure you and your guests have an amazing time.  They also engage with the crowd, encouraging guests to participate and have the time of their lives.  Last, but not least, they make sure the booth area is clean and operation for throughout the event for everyone to enjoy. 

  • Props – Comes complete with a set of fun props that match your special occasion.

  • Red Carpet – This 5-foot red carpet leads up to the booth for a really nice, elegant look at your event.

  • Digital Photo Album – All pics taken in this photo booth are shared online in a digital photo album for you and your guests to enjoy and share with others.

  • Sharing Station – This feature makes the experience even more fun.  This is where you and your guests get to review your videos and all the other videos taken at the event.  Furthermore, you can send the videos to your phone and share them on the spot via social media, text message, or email!