Proven Grounds

Here's the deal!


Each artist will need to come with 3 tracks for 3 different categories (Rounds) prepared


  1. The Turn Up – An upbeat song / monologue / poem that inspires, uplifts, motivates, etc. Or it could simply be that track that gets the crowd rockin!

  2. The Slow Jam – The intimate, personal, conscious or emotional song / monologue / poem.

  3. The Hit – the track the artist believes is their best song or best impression of self / craft. This could be anything.


After/during each performance THE CROWD will determine if they want to hear/see more from that artist in the next round.



ARTISTS MUST APPLY TO PERFORM (NOT SIGN UP). Submit your music in MP3 format, videos in MP4 format. Bring your "A" game. Put time and effort into your performance and your application.


The Artist(s) that last through the most rounds or completes all the rounds that night, gets to perform at a quarterly Proven Ground event with all the other Artists. Once an artist has proven themselves once, they don't have to prove themselves again that quarter but may still be able to perform as Proven Artists on other nights. The Artist to win at the Quarterly event will have the opportunity to perform at our Annual Year Endspiration in December 2018. If an artist doesn't win the Quarterly event, they can try again the next quarter.